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Jamie's Story
     Hi, my name's Jamie.  I was just browsing your site looking for haunted places in Utah, because that's something my friend and I love to do is find scary places and find stories that go with them.  We kind of take our
friends on a tour of the places we know late at night, and try to scare them.  So I thought I would just pass on some of the stories I know.  Oh, and as far as the Shiloh Inn goes, I know a little more detail on the story.  It was in the 80's, and suppossedly this woman's husband convinced her to commit suicide and murder her children I believe for satanistic reasons.  It was on the twelth floor balcony, (although I've heard it was on the roof too) and she threw off all three of her kids.  One of her children survived.  Now it's said if you go to the 12th floor, you will hear voices of the children pleading their mother not to do it. Also the memory grove area is suppossed to be pretty haunted.  If you take gravity hill, (just go north on B st, it will take you right to it)  on
the right just before the road curves where there is metal railing and yellow signs you can pull over and park.  The story is that a woman was to be married in the area and died just before her wedding.  If you park in
that spot and wait, or flash your lights, you'll suppossedly see her cross the road.  I've heard her called the "lady in white."  I tried it once, we didn't see anything, but there was a mysterious banging sound on the side of the car.
If you keep going on gravity hill, when you come around the north side and you're getting closer to the end, you can stop, turn off your car and put it in nuetral.  Your car will start moving and keep going til your out.
The story behind this is that children were murdered in this area, and this is there spirits pushing and trying to get you out of danger's way.
One place I'd love to see someone investigate is the old asylum.  You just take E st. North and you'll get up the hill and it will be smack dab in front of you.  I usually go right, then go around the back.  I've heard stories of children being thrown into the chimney stack alive.  This place has been abandoned, and there's no trespassing signs all over.  Sometimes when I park to look at it, I can see a tv on in the window.  Or in a different window the next time.  Sometimes I can see shadows cross by the windows.  I really don't know what is up with that place, but it is so mysterious and spooky, it'd be great if someone could investigate it. I hope some of these prove interesting for you, and please if you find anything exciting let me know!
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