Paranormal Research of Utah
Stories we have received or experienced personally
Don and Carolyn's Story
      When I was younger, my sister was deep into supernatural stuff, i believe this has drawn a lot of spiritual entities into the home of my parents.
I have seen a ghost which i believe to be what a religious person would call a demon, though i am not religious so i would call it something else, however it was pretty damn scary cause i was only 12 at the time
I had a bedroom in the basement, one night the power had gone out due to a massive storm coming through, so the whole family sat together in the livingroom late into the night waiting for the power to come back on, it didn't, so we all went to bed with flashlights and candles.
Just as i had settled into bed and put out the candle, i noticed a face in the window, right out of a horror movie, i tore up the stairs and told my dad, he went to investigate, nothing there.
Finally i went back to bed, and hours later i woke up cause I was cold, when i opened my eyes, the window was wide open, and the figure that i could describe as a were-cat, without any eyes, the same face in the window was crouched under the window on my dresser.
I didn't sleep in the basement again for years.
another incident was in the same room, and open drawer, heavily weighed down with textbooks slammed shut. A few weeks later, in the ajoining room with a washer and dryer I thought i heard something so i went to investigate, the door on the dryer was violently swinging open and closed.
for several years everybody in my family has heard voices in the house when nobody is home, crying children, angry men, stomping footsteps from the attic. we all just got used to it.
A year ago my mother woke up to witness what she describe as a black thing that looked like a skeleton but with flesh, shiny like a black widow, the size of a child, climb out of her closet and chased her across the room.
A few months later i saw the same thing stalk through the living room in the middle of the night.
Two weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night to see a cat run under the couch in the living room, i turned on the light and nothing was there.
Later that night i woke up with a dreadful feeling, i could not move or breath, the effect subsided.
and even as we speak, i believe there must be something in the room with me, i can feel it, like a cold draft and a looming presence
I have decided to do my own little investigation on the house, which is close to 85 years old, i believe there are a number of haunts here, though most of them aren't dangerous, there are a few.
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