Paranormal Research of Utah
Stories we have received or experienced personally
Date: Feb. 28th
Time: 11:30pm

I was laying on the couch reading a book i had just boughten "True Ghost Stories" by  Hanz Holzer.  Anyway my daughter started crying so i went to go get her.  I bent over her crib (which is in our bedroom) to pick her up when i noticed i was standing in something cold.  (To get to the bathroom, you have to go into our bedroom)  Anyway i noticed a puddle of water under my feet and a little stream of water coming from under the bathroom door.  I opened the door to find my bathtub overflowing, and noticed for some odd reason the water was very blue.  But to make things even more odd, for one to fill up our bathtub, you have to plug the drain with something (because these apartments were built in 1926 we dont have the luxury of just flipping something to stop the tub from draining) Anyway the thing we use to plug the drain, i had myself placed on one of the shelves above the toilet, but low and behold there it was, plugging the drain in the bathtub.  This happend about 20 minutes ago and now as i sit here typing i find it very hard to focus my eyes and the back of my head feels strange.... like a pressure, and i am developing a dull headache.   I am stating this because whenever strange things start happening, i get these same sensations each time.   My eyes feel as if there is a mist covering them, and my head feels as if someone is trying to press it down. 

On a side note, i guess you would say i have a 'phsycic sensitivity' for i can always feel the energies of things around me.    I can go on for years about the impressions i get from this apartment, and how i find the bathroom to be the most active area.  But im sure for now those things can be left out.