Paranormal Research of Utah
Stories we have received or experienced personally
Brandi's Story
    Hello, My name is Brandi i live in downtown salt lake, i have been researching the paranormal since the age of 12, so im pretty clear on the classic signs of a haunting or poltergeist.  Anyway about a month ago my boyfriend and i moved into an apartment in downtown salt lake, these apartments were built in 1926.  And up until about 3 days ago nothing strange has happend, that is until we bought a kitten and brought her home.  We already had a puppy, an iguana, 3 hermit crabs, as well as a 6 month old child.  Anyway the same night we brought our kitten home, things started getting strange.  My boyfriend and i were doing our weekly cleaning routine.  Cleaning the whole apartment from top to bottom.  I had just finished cleaning the bathroom, where i placed a metal basket that contained about 15 bottles of random things like lotions, body wash and the sort.  I placed it on top of the toilet tank, finished wiping things down, shut the door and proceeded to the bedroom.  I was making our bed when i heard a loud bang from the bathroom.  So i opened the door to find the metal basket lying in the bathtub, and all 15 bottles it contained lying IN the toilet.  Now i thought maybe it just fell, but that doesnt seem to logical to me.  Considering the toilet and the bathtub are on opposite sides of the bathroom....and how did 15 bottles ALL manage to land IN the toilet?  Anyway i picked them up and finished cleaning.   When we went to sleep, i kept hearing this clanging noise from the front room, so i went to investigate, to find our middle window in the living room was rattling as if someone were trying to open it, and then it stopped when i got about 10 feet away.  The window rattling continued on for the rest of the night, starting up again as i got into bed.  We now hear strange noises through-out the night.   Anyway, thats my story.  I wonder if were dealing with an entity thats allergic to cats ...(haha)
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