Paranormal Research of Utah
A Few Of Utah's Haunted Places for You to Get Started
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Adam's Place
    -We received this via email from Lance
    During the olympics I was 4th in command at a building in ogden.  It is called Adams place.  During my time getting the building ready to be lived in (cleaning carpets, moving old beds out,..etc) we encountered a police officer investigating a murder that took place in one of the rooms.  An elderly woman had her room broken into and she was beat to death with a club.  She drug herself into the bath tub.  We had cleaned up the blood
stain off the carpet and threw away the bloody mattress.  While checking on what my guys did at work one night I was walking through the rooms on the 3rd floor.  While up there I heard a toilet flush.  When I put one foot into the bathroom in that room, the toilet stopped running.  I got a cold chill down my spine and the hair on my neck stood up. I went to walk out of the room and once I took my foot out of the bathroom the toilet started running again.  It is a very creapy building and we have heard a lot of strange stuff while we were there for 6 months.
     Rice Eccles Stadium and Cannon Camera Building

     -We received this via email from Brian

      I have been interested in ghosts for a few years now, and I have had two different expereinces in two diffferent areas of salt lake, both while working as security for the 2002 games, The first one was at Rice Eccles stadium, for a while before the military took over security for  that site, myself and two other security guards were there on the gravyard shift. We were maily outside in the stadium itself, respsonsible for keeping people out, but we would also go into the Crimson Club room at the south side of the stadium to get warm and use restrooms. There in the club, there were these red light fixtures that were suspended from the ceiling, and there were several occasions when one of them would start spinning or rotating in a big circle when we were in there. It would also happen when one of us was in there alone, although soon none of the night guards would go in there alone! Wew had been talking about ghosts anyway,not hard to understand, as the stadiun is across the street from the big cemetery there, and sometimes when the light started moving i  would askonce if  in a loud voice if there was anyone there, and it went faster and in a bigger circle, i asked if they wanted us to leave and it stopped. Very strange.
       After the governement took over security for Rice Eccles, i worked a variety of Olympic posts, and the other one where i had an encounter was in the Cannon Camera building, across the street south of the Salt Palace. I dont know what that part of the building is used for now, but during the games Cannon leased it out to use for publicity for sports reporters to borow cameras, use computers, etc. It was next door to a night club called Zippers. It is a very old building with lots of wierd little hallways and ramps etc. There was one spot in the back that always felt apprehensive to me, the best word i have to describe it. After listening to a show on Art Bell one night on ghost photography, i took a camera the next night and shot a bunch of pictures, asking if anyonw wanted to be seen, and when i got them developed there in that one spot that felt funny was a big orb about 2 feet across right in front of me. A few nights later I asked the manager of the night club  next door if he had ever seen anything strange and he said "you mean the ghost?" he said several peopel have seen it there but he himself had not, evidentally that whole neighborhood used to be Salt Lake's red light district, and these buildings had all been whorehouses, and a man had once been murdered in the bar in the 70's.Whether the ghost was from the red light days or the murder, he had no idea. I asked the representative from Cannon if he had ever seen anything , and he got mad and wouldnt talk about it.
      Indian Schools-Brigham City

       The school was built before WWII for indian high school students from around the state.  During WWII it was converted to a military hospital for wounded soldiers.  After the war it was converted back to an indian high school.  In fact, by the B on mountain supposedly you can see a faded I for indian.  It was closed in 1984.  Now it stands mostly unused and vacant.  So, of course, rumors abound that it is haunted.  Also, during the Cold War underground tunnels were built beneath it as an evacuation precaution for the soldiers and residents.  Supposedly, there is one tunnel that is no longer sealed off and satanists have conducted quite a few rituals inside the tunnels.  There are many rumors circulating that windows will break on their own and lights go on and off even though power was cut to the schools decades ago.  It is also supposedly a great place to collect EVP samples.  Because you can supposedly hear wounded soldiers screaming in the night.   
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