Paranormal Research of Utah
A Few of Utah's Haunted Places for You to Get Started
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The Historic Radisson Ben Lomond Hotel: Located in Ogden at 2510 Washington Blvd.  This is a very old pioneer era hotel that is said to be haunted by many supernatural beings.  This is kind of an off the beaten path local ghost haunt.  Nobody has ever really heard about it or really knows the full story behind it, but any serious ghosthunter should check it out if they are every in the Ogden area and maybe even stay a night or two.
The Historic Radisson Ben Lomond Hotel
Butterfield Canyon/Rose Canyon: This one was submitted by a viewer of this site so I have no personal knowledge of it, its whereabouts or even its existance.  If you are lucky enough to know where it is or what the real story behind it is let us know!
Supposedly, it is a house where a dad chained his three children up in the basement and killed them.  Fact or fiction? You decide! Personally, it sounds a little
Blair Witch Project to me but who knows?
    -We received this reply via email from Jennifer H.
I just read your entry about the "supposed house" and let me tell you,
it is very real!!! The story is true about the man that chained his children up in the basement and murdered them.  The house is really creepy because it is like no other house I have seen- it is round.  All the rooms connect in a circle!  But, if you go down in the basement, you get this horrible feeling that totally overcomes you.  And when you are in the basement you can hear strong footsteps coming down the stairs.  We also went up to the top floor, and you could hear whispers and screaming coming from the basement.  It was 100% creepy!!! Pretty easy to find, you just go up Rose Canyon Road...its almost all the way at the top.  Very freaky! You should test it sometime!
   -We received this via email from John C.
I just wanted to tell you, I grew up In Tooele, and spent most my summer days up Middle canyon (its the opposite side of butterfield canyon, the two meet at the top, where the road splits and takes you to the bingham copper pit overlook)  I can say that i know both sides of the canyons well enough to conduct tours.  the round house that someone spoke of in your "haunted places in utah" section is fairly new, little over 10 yrs ago they started paving side roads  off the main canyon road, when i first saw it i though housing developments,  but the round house is no older then that.  if  someone did kill thier kids in that house, it would have been all over the news.  of wich there are no accounts of such a grisly murder taking place there.
now perhaps i can redirect your attention to whats left of an old wood (cabin?) home at the canyons base.   or to the Tooele side, Girls scout basball diamond, built on an old mines tailings pile, they say the mine is haunted, the main entrance is on the diamond, but kennecot has bared its entrance with a metal door, they also say that the mine goes clear through to the annaconda side of the mountain.
also, from erda and lake point, looking east, you can see the number 13 on the mountain side, its said that during the settlers time, that the operator of the benson grist mill, went out to gather his sheep and discoverd a small outcroping of gold, he then reported this to the leader of the church, brigham young, who told him not to go back to get the gold, leave it there, that they didnt want to turn the small town into a boomtown,
the man went back to it, and later on died of a tragic accident in the mill, since then several others have traveled around looking for that gold, and also have meet with a quick end to thier life. 
you can read the whole story of it in the Tooele county History book.
The Kirk Hotel in tooele is also said to be haunted, people have reported things moving on thier own.  i dont know more then this,  though.
thanks for your time.

-We received this via email from Stephanie                      
I just read the stories about that house up in rose canyon. I've been to
that house about 3 times and I've heard that a satanic worshiper used to own
that house and he killed someone and buried them under the concrete in the
basement. I dont beleive that, the house looks too new. The house is kinda
weird though. It kinda gives you the creeps when you first look at it. The
first time I saw the house it was boarded up and locked up. Then I
recently went there and all the windows and doors are gone, me and my 2 friends went
in and when you first walk in on the first level it kinda sounds like
something is following you from up stairs. Then we were gettin ready to go
up the stairs and it sounded like there was something at the top of the
stairs so we left. Then we went back the next day and took 5 other people
with us and we went through the house. before I went in there 4 of my
friends said that they heard the same thing that we heard the night before,
but then when I went in with 3 more people they said it stopped. Theres 4
floors in the house, we didnt hear or see anything no screams or footsteps
the only weird thing was that the house is in a 5 point star. the hallways
go in a circle, I've never seen a house like that before. but I dont think
its haunted. - one place that I do think is haunted is the old mill, its
supposedly haunted by two guys and there dog who got killed there when it
burned down. I've never been in there, but just being on the outside of it
gives me the creeps, and everyone I've been up there with says they can see
something lookin out at you through the top left end window.
The "Heidelburg":  Heard about this one via email.  An old mansion built in 1860 at 700 N Rock Mill Ln. in Farmington.  Supposedly was a restaurant at one time owned two German men who were a "couple."  They practiced black magic in the house and promised each other that even after death they would live together in the house.  One day one of the men caught the other one cheating on him, which ultimately led him to hang himself in the front entryway one afternoon.  Soon afterwards the surviving man moved out but supposedly to this day the hung man still haunts the place. The house then stood vacant for 10-15 years but was recently purchased and renovated.  Phenomena reportedly include lights flashing, a blue light in the attic window, and footsteps heard inside when nobody was home.  I have no idea to the authenticity of these reports so I can't decide if its true or not.  So you decide and let me know.
The Heidelburg
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