Paranormal Research of Utah
A few of Utah's haunted places for you to get started
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       While there are actually more haunted places in Utah than you might have imagined.  Most of them require you to get permission from the owner first.  Please, if you want to go to one of those types of places get permission.  Ghost hunters who just trespass or break in give the rest of us a bad name.  And most of the time owners are more than happy to let you in to investigate.  They get a kick out of seeing your conclusions and they might tip you off as to where the sightings occur most frequently.
       I have a somewhat limited knowledge of all the many haunted places in Utah so if you know of any places which I don't have listed here, please send me an email containing any information you have on it such as location, type of haunting and any stories that might go along with it.
Salt Lake City Cemetary: An old classic.  Featuring mausoleums, the famous Emo's grave, and different sections such as the war memorials, and catholic sections that have been reported to be good places for EVP.  It's huge and can be pretty spooky at night, which makes it a fantastic place for the beginning ghosthunter.
Salt Lake City Cemetary
Old Deseret: A favorite of a lot of ghost hunters.  There are reports of tons of ghosts located at this old pioneer village in Salt Lake City. One of  LDS prophet Brigham Young's wifes is reportedly haunting his cabin located on the premisis.  There are stories of her looking out the window and either shaking her head and even flipping people off.  Theres nothing better than a pissed off ghost I always say.  There also is supposedly a cemetary there that is haunted along with the large white social hall by the front gate.
Old Deseret
Payson Cemetary: Small town cemetary's can be gold mines for ghost hunting.  Payson is famous for multiple sightings of "orbs," or small free-floating, moving balls of light, that are thought to be concentrated spirit energy by some experts.  I personally have gotten several good occurances of EVP in this cemetary.y.
Payson City Cemetary
Shiloh Inn: This hotel in downtown SLC, is supposedly a hotbed for paranormal activity.  The story I collected about it (which if anybody knows the actual one please let me know) is that a woman and her child either committed suicide or the elevator fell and killed them, I have heard it both ways.  The halls are supposedly great for EVP and for multiple "cold spots."
    -We received this reply via email from Ben W.
I am just writing because I found your website and I am moderately
interested in paranormal activity.  I read your information on the
Shilo Inn and I would like to confirm that activity has been reported there.  However, the elevator never fell and killed anyone.  There are two separate tragedies that have taken place at the hotel:  The lesser known story is that an Asian tourist was mysteriously found dead at the bottom of the pool.  The speculation was that she dove in and hit her head at the bottom. 
Mysterious laughter and other unexplainable thumping noises are often heard in the pool area.  The other story is the notorious mother throwing her kids off of the 11th floor.  My wife works at the hotel and she has the original Salt Lake Tribune article about the event.  People have reported screams and the sound of children crying in those      rooms(1104/1105/1106).  We've stayed in  those rooms before. . .as a joke mainly and nothing out of place happened, but it is kind of creepy sleeping in a room where a woman threw her kids out the window. I have also heard of accounts of apparitions of children lying on the ground below, playing in the hall, etc. I've personally never experienced anything when I've been there, but my wife has witnessed the "haunted rooms" calling the front desk late at night.
Keep in mind the rooms weren't occupied when they called. . . Weird.
Interestingly enough, I have seen other "ghost hunters" websites who
have taken EVP at the Capitol Theater and recorded the voices of women
screaming and children saying "don't make me do it."  Now, this is all
specualtive, but the capitol theater is next to the Shilo.  .  . Perhaps there is a connection? 
Anyway, great website, hope this background info helps. . .if you're
ever interested in a tour of the hotel, someone there always likes to give
the ghost tour.
Shiloh Inn
About any bed and breakfast in the state: If I tried to list all the supposedly haunted inns and b&b's in this state I would need about 30 pages so just about any of them that are older can be good bets.  But still if anybody knows of any let me know, if I come across any with remarkable stories I will pass them on to you.
Fort Douglas at the University Of Utah: This old military fort and cemetary are reportedly haunted by a ghost named "Clem."  During the month of October they offer tours and stories about the ghost but you can go there anytime and find out for yourself.
Fort Douglas Cemetary and Museum
Utah State Historical Society: Built almost a century ago, a female apparition is rumored to be haunting the mexican restauraunt in the old train depot.  Supposedly she was hit by a train while trying to retrieve a ring her boyfriend had thrown on the tracks.  Many customers have claimed that she haunts the ladies restroom in the restaurant.
The McCune Mansion: A popular site for weddings and receptions in SLC, supposedly very haunted.  Rooms have been decorated the night before the wedding and the next moring everything is in disarray.  Doors will lock even though they don't have locks on them, also many cold spots in the old house.  The owner reports that several times as he's been driving away from the house he will see in the rear view mirror the lights going on and off all throughout the house.
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