Paranormal Research of Utah
A Short History on the Initial Founders of UPIS
No those aren't models.  Thats TEAM UPIS!
Michael D Christensen-Founder, Lead Investigator (left)
Riley M Malkovich-Investigator (right)
     Michael D Christensen:  The initial founder of the Utah Paranormal Investigation Society.  Designs and maintains the website, and organizes any ghosthunts.  Has been ghosthunting for around 5 years.  He caught the bug from his older sisters (who are also named as co-founders of UPIS) who took him on his first ghosthunts.  While he has never actually seen a ghost, he still believes that they most likely exist.  On hunts he uses a handheld cassette recorder, a 35 mm camera, and a emf meter.  He is a skeptic on whether the voices found on tape are actually that of the dead or electromagnetic fluctuations in the atmosphere reacting with the tape and your mind just thinks that it hears the voices.  He believes that you should look at every possible natural explanation before you even begin to consider the evp or picture to be a ghost.  He extremely dislikes hunts where they use "mediums," as he believes that it is entirely fraudulent and can not be backed up whatsoever by factual data.  
     Riley M Malkovich: A dedicated, open-minded, and independent individual.  He believes anything is possible.  Has never actually seen a ghost, but has had numerous "paranormal" experiences in which he felt something else's presence.  Believes that a hard work ethic and a positive attitude will produce results.  Very analytical and pays attention to detail you never thought possible.  Excited at the prospect of helping people solve their paranormal problems and live in peace.
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