Paranormal Research of Utah
About the Utah Paranormal Investigative Society's background, members and beliefs
   I started the UPIS because my sisters, friends  and I have always had a fond appreciation for the unknown.  Ever since I can remember we have been going "ghost hunting" in our local cemetary's and abandoned houses.  I have always wanted a foundation, club or society in which we could broaden our endeavors into some of the more high end hauntings.  There are a few located around the state but most are closed to new members or have conflicting views than ours. 
    Right now the UPIS consists of my best friend Riley M Malkvich  and I and several of our friends and family who all share the love of the paranormal.  Not only can ghost hunting be fascinating and informational, it can also be tons of fun!  When I look back at my favorite times I've had growing up almost all of them involve ghost hunting with my friends and family.  Although right now our membership is limited to these people we are more than willing to accept anybody who shares our love for this hobby.  We hope to organize ghost hunts, and perhaps even bring in lecturers for classes on ghost hunting. 
    One of the things that I strongly disagree with involving some ghost hunters is the use of "mediums," or people with telekinesis.  I personally don't believe in this particular area of science.  I like to use hard evidence presented by instruments that you can't just make up or lie about.  While I agree there are some instances of mediums doing some amazing things I personally don't see their use on a ghost hunt. 
    Another thing which I don't necessarily believe in is Ouija Boards.  I have played with them several times and they can be fun and sometimes even scary.  But I beleive that someone is either manipulating the piece or else someone is doing it unconsciously.  While I have no facts or data which leads me to this conclusion there are also no facts or data leading me away from it.  So for the time being it remains just a fun game to play in a spooky place with your friends. 
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