Paranormal Research of Utah
    This picture was taken by my friend McKade Nelson.  It was taken at an old pioneer ruin near Lake Powell.  The strange thing about this picture, was it was taken during daylight, but also if you look closely you can make out McKade's face in the middle of the picture.  The weird thing about this is McKade took the picture himself, so 1. why would he appear in the pic if he is the one behind the camera?  2.  You can make out both of his eyes when the camera should have been covering atleast one of them.  And 3.  He's smiling, which he insists he wasn't.  There also appears to be another face on the left-hand side of the picture that might also be McKade but we can't quite tell for sure.  There are rumors of this particular site in Lake Powell being haunted or atleast giving off a "creepy vibe." 
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