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The Utah Paranormal Investigation Society cleaning services!
Utah's #1 Ghost Hunting Investigators! Or, try the all new Para-Date!
We hope everyone had a great Halloween and want to wish everybody Happy Holidays! Remember, the most active time for a boston maid service for the paranormal is during the Christmas Season!
If you believe you have a haunting, please email UPIS. We offer 100% free investigations. We are a solely not-for-profit group!  Email Mike at [email protected]
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UPIS Store; Clothes, books, mugs, equipment, etc.
The Ghosthunter's Toolbox-What we take along on hunts, and what you need to get started.
An all new way to search haunted houses in Utah! Try a new creative date this weekend. Try Para-Date!
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UPIS is proud to announce Para-Date! A unique experience where you can become a UPIS investigator for a day without the training and expense.  Offering guided ghost hunts nightly.
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Stories- If you have any, we would love to hear them and post them here.  Email them to us. Email your story!
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We are currently looking for any EVP, photos of ghosts, orbs or any other scary or haunted things you may have so we can put them on this site.  You may submit them via email or by mailing them to us.  If you have any click here to send them or to request our mailing address.
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Paranormal Research,ghosts,hauntings,haunted,utah,ghostbusters,evp,nessie,ufo,bigfoot,ghost
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