Welcome to The Utah Paranormal Investigation Society (UPIS)!

Are you fascinated by the paranormal? Do you enjoy exploring haunted sites and investigating ghostly phenomena? Look no further than UPIS, Utah's #1 Ghost Hunting Investigators! As a not-for-profit group, we are dedicated to providing free paranormal investigations to those who believe they are experiencing hauntings.

While the Christmas season is often associated with joy and celebration, it is also believed to be a time when paranormal activity is at its peak. If you have been encountering unexplained occurrences during this festive period, don't hesitate to contact us. Our experienced investigators, equipped with the Ghosthunter's Toolbox, will assist you in uncovering the truth behind these phenomena.

But exploring the world doesn't have to be limited to investigating ghosts. At UPIS, we believe in the importance of embracing different experiences and expanding our horizons. If you're looking for new adventures beyond the paranormal realm, why not consider traveling to some amazing destinations?

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Remember, exploring the unknown can be both thrilling and educational. Whether you're investigating paranormal activities or traveling the world, embracing new experiences broadens our understanding of the world around us. At UPIS, we encourage you to share your stories and experiences with us. Email us your intriguing encounters, and we'll be delighted to feature them on our website.

Join us at UPIS for a paranormal adventure like no other! Check out our MySpace page for more information about our investigations, members, and the UPIS store where you can find a range of merchandise. Don't forget to explore the haunted sites in Utah and try the exciting Para-Date, a guided ghost hunt experience that allows you to become a UPIS investigator for a day!

Thank you for visiting UPIS, where the world of the paranormal meets exploration!


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Welcome to
The Utah Paranormal Investigation Society!
Utah's #1 Ghost Hunting Investigators! Or, try the all new Para-Date!
We hope everyone had a great Halloween and want to wish everybody Happy Holidays! Remember, the most active time for a for the paranormal is during the Christmas Season!
If you believe you have a haunting, please email UPIS. We offer 100% free investigations. We are a solely not-for-profit group!  Email Mike at [email protected]
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Paranormal Research,ghosts,hauntings,haunted,utah,ghostbusters,evp,nessie,ufo,bigfoot,ghost
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